Timline of the project

The Preparation Phase 

  • May 2018, Senegal, meeting with local partners and artists, mapping the places for first Lab and workshop with the local dancers.
  • May 2018 – Pilot Lab with all artists, mentors, local producers, partners and producer. 10 days: gathering, brainstorming, small try out with locals.
  • November 2018, Cameroon, meeting with local partners and artists and workshop with the local dancers.
  • February 2019, Burkina Faso, meeting with local partners and artists and workshop with the local dancers.


 The First Phase: Education & Workshops

  • Duration: September 2019 –  May 2020
  • The 1st phase is carried out in 4 Labs, each of them 12 days, together 48 days.
  • Each Lab includes:
    • Training given by the project mentors for the core team of local technicians (15 technicians from Africa), and additional local technicians in sound, light, video, technical production, production.
    • Workshops given by the project artists (18 artists from Africa, Europe and Middle East (Palestine) for the local artists and special target groups:
      • Creative designers:  Set designer, costume designer
      • Dance: hip-hop, freestyle, contemporary dance
      • Performing practice
      • Film and photography
      • Music
  • Locations of Labs:
    • Senegal, May 2019, pilot project and May 2019 Lab 3
    • Cameron, November 2019, Lab 1
    • Burkina Faso, February 2020, Lab2
  • The number of local participants in all 4 Labs:
    • Technical training: 80
    • Art workshops: 160
    • Special target groups: 80
    • Local producers: 4
  • Special project: Artists for kids; Janin, Palestine, October 2019


The Second Phase: Residency, Creation & Touring

+ Creating small creative jobs as the base for new jobs

  • Duration: September 2020 – September 2021
  • Residencies: Italy, Croatia, Spain, France
  • Touring: depend on the production but in all involving countries in the projects.
  • Special project: Artist for the kids, Grahamstown, June 2020