The Cradle

The opening show of the 20th Exodos Festival, a co-production between China and Central and Eastern European countries (C-CEEC), explores our acceptance of differences and our search for particularities and similarity. What was laid into the cradles of young dancers, and what did they acquire ever since they walked from it? First of all, the production touches upon the value that nowadays has been almost forgotten: everyday attention, contact with other people, with the society and the surroundings.

In his renowned and outstanding choreographic style, Gregor Luštek has been researching with young dancers how the body coming from one cultural setting responds to gestures, moves, emotions of the body from another surroundings. The »intercultural physical dialogue« also alters the self-perception of one’s own body, living, thinking, experiencing of others, and the acceptance of tradition and its tenets.

In traditional Chinese philosophy, circle – energy that circles – represents the infinitive energy that never ceases, but keeps revolving. Circle is the principal element of move and moving in The Cradle.

The Cradle is the first project of the C-CEEC Dance Union. It is a result of Dance Camp, a two-year C-CEEC international project made in collaboration with the Beijing Dance Academy. Its executive producer is Nataša Zavolovšek, assisted by the international dance and education experts Risima Risimkin and Olga Zitluhina. In September 2016, the assigned choreographer Gregor Luštek selected 6 dancers from two Summer Camps held in China, and in March 2017 he took additional 6 dancers from the Beiging Dance Academy, to start working on the oncoming production.

Gregor Luštek is active in the field of theatre and dance as a dancer, choreographer, assistant director, occasionally also as an actor. His dance proficiency comprises a range of techniques from ballet to contact improvisation, and his basic means of expression and recognition is a move based on the anatomic structure of the body. He collaborates with notable creators of international contemporary dance scene and with Slovene theatre directors. In the creative duo with choreographer and dancer Rosana Hribar he won several national and international awards. He has over 20 years of experiences, teaching as a dance pedagogue in countless courses and workshops at home and abroad.

Tan Hao, a dance pedagogue at the Beijing Dance Academy, is an expert in Chinese classical dance. He won several prestigious national awards for his tutorial, pedagogical and choreographic work.

choreographed by Gregor Luštek co-created & performed by Anastasija Danchevska, Žigan Krajnčan, Eva Kronberga, Jānis Putniņš, Kristýna Šajtošová, Zhong Zhen, Liu Yuting, Li Chenzhe, Pao Yuhong, Fei Guanhan, Fen Dandan, Ren Qingcairang tradicional dance teacher Tan Hao costumes Mingyue Wang, Liping Ren/JINRENWOFEI dance costume company technical director Borut Cajnko producer Nataša Zavolovšek co-produced by Exodos Ljubljana, Beijing Dance Academy, Dance Fest Skopje, Society Party, Tanec Praga supported by The Bureau for External Cultural Relations of the Ministry of Culture of the People’s Republic of China, The Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia, Ljubljana Municipality