Collection of games // Artists: Miha Horvat (SLO), Riccardo Spagnulo (IT), Gianfranco Mirizzi (HR), Simon Farid (GB)

CONA, Preglov trg 10, Ljubljana
8.-10.6. 15h-18h*
17.6. 14h-18h*
18.6. 16h-19h*

Ljubljana-centre, waking area, different locations
11. & 12.6. 10h-13h

Four artists are travelling around Europe together, meeting game players and learning about their games. They are recreating these games; trying to bring the gaming culture along with them and sharing found games, as they travel from place to place. Some games are familiar; some are a little different, some are of pure invention, improbable and bizarre.

These games can be either a portrait of ourselves, something that shares commonalities between generations and cultures, or a reflection of the antagonisms in society. While in each location, the artists will be learning new  games to add to the playground, share the games already learnt elsewhere and, with the help of local communities, invent new hybrid games. Through subsequent iterations, an endless archive of games, relations and experiences is participatively constructed. Can new connections and ways of communication be activated through shared experiences of games? This is the challenge Playground aims to undertake.

*Schedule has been changed.

Playground from CORNERS on Vimeo.

Photo: Eva Križaj

Photo: Lea Makovec