Indlulamthi: the ones who are taller than the trees

‘Indlulamthi’ is the isiXhosa word for a giraffe but, in direct translation, it also means ‘the ones who are taller than the trees’.

I would like to use this image to celebrate the children of Grahamstown. The ones whom we
see in the streets every time we go to buy our tickets for shows; the ones we pass by on our way to our
warm beds, who stand in the biting cold to get a bit of our attention for a one-rand coin.

The work will speak
to the relationship with our economy and the lives of these children. I would like to look at what human beings choose to pay attention to: what we choose to look at and pay forward.

There is a lot of shift of
blame in our world at the moment at the expense of others’ suffering. I would like with this piece to
challenge our thinking of currency; and the connection between people.

I will be working with the children of Grahamstown together with a few of my friends, both local and
international artists. Together, we will create a performance art piece on the streets of Grahamstown.
The piece will use video, sound and performance elements.

“At the height, Indlulamthi will be almost a statue
element, which will then dissolve into nothingness again.” Chuma Sopotela

Director and concept: Chuma Sopotela

Performers: Chuma Sopotela, Ahmed Tobasi, Bongo Nikani

Co-Producer: Nataša Zavolovšek

Photography, Video and Light designer: Borut Bučinel

Scenography, Graphic design and sound: Davor Sanvincenti

Dramaturgy: Kabi Thulo

Costumes: Shiba Sopotela

Make up artist: Evelyn Notoane

Kids from: Ntsika choir, The future stars, and Kids from the corners

Project manager: Phola Matloga

Project manager: Evelyn Notoane

Coproduction: The National Arts Festival, Exodos Ljubljana

The project is supported by the Ministry of culture Slovenia and the City of Ljubljana.

Performance: 4., 5. in 6. 7. 2018

Venue: Locus Avenue on the RAW spot gallery, Grahamstown