Hide or Reveal

Exhibition //  Artists: Helena Wikström (SE), Una Bauer (HR)

“Traveling” exhibition on city bus LPP, line 20 // from 23.5. until 18.6.

What is offered to us when we pass by unknown places as travellers or observers? What meaning can we assign to the constantly changing, briefly appearing images in front of the window we are sitting by? How do we relate to our co-travellers, and do we also see things with their eyes? The photo-exhibition “Hide or Reveal” sums up the experience of two-weeks-long journeys, of meeting new places and constantly changing location. It is a result of artistic research that took place in the framework of two CORNERS Xpeditions: the Balkans and the Caucasus, where its creators, photographer Helena Wikström and researcher Una Bauer, met each other. A series of photos documents the fellowtravellers, landscapes, and moments spent in transition, while the text illustrates the subjective feeling of travelling.

Photo: Eva Križaj