Bridging the Silence

Audio tour and installation // Artists: Hrvoslava Brkušić (HR), Deirdre Cartmill (GB), Beatriz Churruca (ES)

Hradecky bridge, Ljubljana
10.6. 16h-20h
11.-12.6. 10h-13h
13.-16.6. 16h-20h

“Bridging the Silence” is making the invisible visible and represents the emotional journey that the survivors must take in order to move from the storm inside to peace. The project was born from the artists’ desire to confront the unspeakable truths and give a voice to those who had no voice.

Three artists gathered stories from three different contexts, each affected by conflict, violence, and suffering: the Basque Country, Croatia, and Northern Ireland. Crossing the bridge where this audio walk and installation are placed becomes both symbolic and literal reflection of
this inner journey.

The sound installation uses personal testimonies from the survivors and fictional stories based on the reality of the aforementioned contexts. It consists of testimonies about political violence and torture, sexual and domestic abuse, and those dealing with transgender issues. The installation changes and grows as it moves from city to city, collecting new stories.

Photo: Lea Makovec