About project

SHARED SPACES is an informal network, focusing on intercontinental worknetting in the field of contemporary performing arts.

Artists from many areas of the world have very restricted means to work and the global interest in their work is limited. Intercontinental exchange and cooperation is today still very imbalanced. Shared Spaces was founded to counteract this situation. The guidelines of the network are the principles of mutual respect, individual engagement and solidarity.

Shared Spaces is strengthening and broadening existing links between artists and organizations, and is grafted onto initiatives and events that have been initiated by the partners.

The network is not the goal, but the means to achieve the following objectives:

  • to raise the funding, independent and without imposed conditions, for artistic creation by artists from outside Europe and the US
  • to improve the visibility and the intercontinental circulation of these creations
  • to strengthen exchanges and cooperation on a long-term basis between artists and organisations on a global scale

The network itself is not funding projects. Its activities use existing infrastructure and programs rather than creating new institutions.

The networks activities include:

  • the creation of encounters, of opportunities for conversations and meetings;
  • the production of artistic work;
  • mobility of people, information and projects;
  • training and capacity building;
  • lobbying for more access for artists to intercontinental exchange.

The networks tools are:

  • online communication tools to share knowledge about existing; possibilities and opportunities;
  • development of Shared Spaces projects for which extra funding can be applied;
  • two annual network partner meetings, one of which is held outside of EU / US in order to give visibility to artistic scenes less present in intercontinental exchange;
  • the creation of an emergency board, in order give short term support especially for mobility.

Members of Shared Spaces as of June 12th 2013:

  • Valerie Baran, France, Le Tarmac Eduardo
  • Bonito, Brazil, Panorama Festival Panaibra
  • Gabriel Canda, Mozambique Boyzie
  • Cekwana, South Africa
  • Anja Dirks, Germany, Festival Theaterformen
  • Virginie Dupray and Faustin Linyekula, RDC Studios
  • Kabako Fred Frumberg, Cambodia, Amrita
  • Jan Goossens, Belgium, KVS
  • Paul Kerstens, Belgium, KVS
  • Frie Leysen, Austria, Wiener Festwochen
  • Sandro Lunin, Switzerland, Zürcher Theaterspektakel
  • Gregory Maqoma, South Africa, Vuyani
  • Mark Murphy, USA, Red Cat
  • Nisreen Naffa, Palestine, Qattan Foundation
  • Joanna Nuckowska, Poland, Teatr Nowy
  • Carla Peterson, USA, New York Live Arts
  • Gabrielle von Brochowski, Belgium,
  • Katharina von Ruckteschell, South Africa / Brazil, Goethe
  • Institut Marya Wethers, USA, New York Live Arts
  • Natasa Zavolovšek, Slovenia, Exodos
  • Festival Sello Pesa, South Africa
  • Thomas Walgrave, Portugal, Alkantara Festival